Thursday, May 19, 2011

BlogHer Food Conference 2011 in Atlanta, GA

I'm Going!

I’ve never really considered myself lucky when it comes to giveaways, contest, or raffles. When I was in the fifth grade I won $100 from a raffle, but that was ages ago. I can’t remember winning anything since then--until now!

Last week
POM Wonderful gave away four free tickets to attend the BlogHer Food Conference 2011 this weekend in Atlanta, GA. The entry was simple: E-mail POM Wonderful’s PR department and let them know you would like to attend the conference. The winners would be announced on their Facebook page the next day.

I submitted my e-mail to their PR department right away! The day the winners were announced, certain I would not win, I forgot to visit their Facebook page for the results. Thankfully, I remembered to check POM's site the next morning and I was one of four lucky winners!! I will be attending the BlogHer Food conference in Atlanta this weekend and could not be more excited--I am hoping to learn as much as possible and I can’t wait to share all the details and pictures with you!
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